Eli-Chem Resins are going green

We are on a mission

As Eli-Chem Resins continues to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources in order to maximize the positive impact of our products.  Today, we’re becoming one of the few ecommerce brands that offset 100% of our carbon emissions generated by getting your orders to your doorstep! All of our orders will now be shipped 100% carbon neutral, so you'll have confidence that when an Eli-Chem package arrives at your door, you’ll get something you love, and you’ll be proud of the fact that you’re taking a small step towards making a big change in the world, actively reducing your carbon footprint.

What does it mean to offset emissions?

Virtually everything we do as humans releases planet warming carbon into the atmosphere which contributes to climate change. All businesses produce carbon too, through sourcing products, manufacture and delivery.

For any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of getting you your items from us, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount with help from EcoCart. It’s almost like we’re giving the planet an IOU, then immediately paying it back.

How does it work?

Each time one of our lovely customers buys one of our products, we will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions, more commonly known as “offsets” through our friends at EcoCart. These purchases support environmental projects, like wind and solar farms that create clean energy, or protecting trees that would otherwise be cut down so that they can continue to absorb carbon from the air. These projects protect animals and support deserving communities. When we say we will be carbon neutral, that means that we will offset all of the carbon emissions we create from shipping our products to your door.

What we are doing at Eli-Chem Resins

For every one of our amazing items that ships, we now balance it with a positive environmental impact thanks to our partner, EcoCart. The full environmental impact of getting your favourite resin products to your door is completely neutralized. There will be no additional cost to our customers, it simply gives you the satisfaction of knowing that shopping with us means we are making a positive impact on the planet....together.

  • All our orders are shipped carbon neutral. No matter where in the world we ship, we offset our carbon by contributing to projects which meet the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals and are proven to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. So when you order through us, you’ll get something you love, and you’ll be part of making a big change in the world.
  • All our cardboard outer packaging comes from a FSC® certified manufacturer.
  • Better pack design reduces damages. Each time damaged goods are replaced the carbon cost of a transaction doubles.
  • All of our resin containers are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again, by you.
  • If we receive cardboard packaging from other suppliers we will try to re-use it and if we can't, we recycle it.
  • We only use compostable packing fillers so use them on your compost bin, or let your youngsters conduct science experiments with them!
  • The plastic air sacs we use to protect some of our glass containers are made from recycled PET.
  • Our lighting in our warehouse and offices is operated by motion sensors so we are not wasting valuable energy when we don't need it.
  • In our offices we recycle everything that we can and are working towards being paperless.

What you can do

  • Take your empty resin bottles to a recycling centre, most councils will recycle HDPE plastics so please don't put them in landfill waste.
  • Re-use or recycle our cardboard outer packaging, it is a tough double wall construction so its great for storage at home.
  • Compost our white biofil packing peanuts, they are made from potato starch and break down in no time. Please don't put them in landfill waste.
  • Buy from brands with similar values, whether it’s with carbon neutral products, a sustainable supply chain, recycled materials, or eco-friendly packaging. We should all do our best to limit the carbon footprint of the products we buy.

Why is this so important?

Online shopping has transformed retail. Unfortunately, it’s also impacting the environment, and not for the better. Eli-Chem Resins has always been conscious of our impact and actively worked to lighten our carbon footprint. We believe that if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a cleaner, healthier place. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment for the good for the planet.

Who will pay for this?

Eli-Chem are picking up the tab on this one! It's simply another reason for you to shop with us. Being human means releasing planet-warming carbon emissions into the atmosphere. It happens when we take a shower, charge our phones, or let out a yawn after a long day. Just like humans’ release carbon pollution, so do businesses and Eli-Chem is no exception. As a manufacturer of a plastic product, we believe it is our duty to reduce our impact on the environment.

The only way we can truly begin to reverse the effects of climate change is if everyone does their part. By changing our daily habits, making sustainable swaps and support companies that care about their impact on the earth, we can make a real change in the world.