How to Videos

We've put together a few of our "How To" videos for you here. We have many more on our YouTube channel which will explain how to use art resins and hopefully give you some inspiration too.

How to make a resin river table with Deep Cast Resin

resi-TINT MAX Pre Polymer Tints

Cell-Base Instant Cell Creator

Hi-Build 3D Art Resin for Geode Art & Blob Art

Instructions for coating artwork with totalCAST Resin

Resi-CRETE art project

Resin Art Desk

Resi-CRETE Candle Holders

UltraCast xt High Temperature Resin

How to do a Resin Art Dirty Pour

Make your art sparkle with res-TINT+ Metallic Powders

UltraCast XT casting & coating epoxy art resin

Instructions for coating artwork with MasterCast Resin