Bright and beautiful Alcohol Ink Pigments for epoxy resin, the extra large bottle contains 30ml of Alcohol Ink in a selection of 12 colours, including gold & silver metallics.

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Discover the fascinating artistic possibilities that our alcohol inks offer you, create impressive colour gradients or try fluid painting and various creative techniques. Our Alcohol Inks can be applied neat or diluted with isopropyl for a paler colour. Try exciting effects with tools such as a hair dryer, sponge or brush. Mix them in resin, it is up to you how much you add to create strong colours or pastel tones.

Whichever option you choose, our Alcohol Inks ensure expressive art with their impressive luminosity.

  • Fast drying, transparent alcohol inks
  • Larger than average 30ml bottle
  • Quick drying and fade resistant. Our alcohol inks dry quickly, enabling you to build layers and work faster
  • Specially developed for colouring resin artwork, resin jewellery and fluid painting techniques
  • After drying, the acid free Alcohol Inks are smudge and waterproof, but can be re-liquefied or removed at any time using isopropyl alcohol
  • Can be used on almost all smooth, non porous materials, specially coated papers e.g. Yupo Paper, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain and stone 
  • Ideal for coasters, resin jewellery, paper weights, scrapbooking and epoxy resin art
  • Can be diluted with isopropyl alcohol

Alcohol Inks for days......


How to use

1. Mix your clear resin, MasterCast 1-2-1 works best for this.
2. Pour some of your clear resin into a mixing cup and add the Alcohol Ink.
3. There are also various possible uses: drip Alcohol Ink from the bottle, apply Alcohol Ink to the painting surface with a brush, dripping onto isopropyl.
4. There is also the option of dripping the Alcohol Inks onto resin or mixing them into other inks.
5. Keep away from naked flames as Alcohol Inks are flammable

Alcohol Ink TDS
Alcohol Ink Clementine Orange SDS
Alcohol Ink Gold SDS
Alcohol Ink Iris Purple SDS
Alcohol Ink Lapis Blue SDS
Alcohol Ink Lemon Yellow SDS
Alcohol Ink Miami Pink SDS
Alcohol Ink Obsidian Black SDS
Alcohol Ink Paradise Turquoise SDS
Alcohol Ink Silver SDS
Alcohol Ink Snowball SDS
Alcohol Ink Spring Green SDS
Alcohol Ink Vampire Red SDS


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Alcohol Inks 30ml

  • Brand: Eli-Chem
  • Product Code: AINK - 12 colours
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