Rapido is an extremely fast setting, pourable resin for creating extraordinary art


Experience a completely different way of working with resin with Rapido. Mix and pour in the usual way, but this is where the similarities to traditional resins ends, Rapido sets super fast so that you can create amazing three dimensional sculptures in seconds! Break new ground in resin art with this unique resin.

  • Create cup art,  frozen waterfalls and sculptures of any shape
  • Rapido Resin changes its consistency very quickly from liquid to gel to hard  
  • Embellishments can be added immediately after pouring onto the cast Rapido Resin, eg. small crystals, mirrors, glitter or semi-precious stones
  • Easily coloured with pigments (pigments must not be water based)

Video of Rapido fast setting resin


  Mix ratio    1:1 by weight
  Surfaces   canvas, wood, MDF, glass, Perspex, concrete & metal
  Mixing time    approx. two minutes at 22 °C (depending on pigments used) 
  Working time    45-60 seconds at 22 °C (depending on pigments used)
  Drying time   touch dry after approx. 15 minutes, fully cured after 24 hours 
  Shelf life   one year in sealed containers


Step 1: To colour Rapido Resin, add selected pigments to the resin before adding the hardener. Water based pigments are not suitable for Rapido, they react with the resin and form foam. Epoxy pastes such as our resi-TINT MAX pigment pastes or other non-water based pigments are suitable to use.
Step 2: Mix pigmented resin & hardener together in a 1:1 ratio by weight for about two minutes. You will feel the exothermic reaction begin immediately, the mixing cup will get warmer and warmer during mixing.


Step 1: If you want to include a mixing cup in your artwork, then leave the mixture in this cup. If you want to "pour" another vessel, then pour your RAPIDO mixture into it now.
Step 2: The mixed resin will start to thicken a few seconds after mixing, you can also feel this very easily as the mixing cup gets quite warm. Don't worry though, this is normal and your mixture will not boil or burn.
Step 3: As soon as your Rapido mixture has started to thicken you can pour it. Rapido gels very quickly, within seconds. So pour to create you structure quickly before it stops flowing, we suggest one or two trial runs to get a feel for the product.
Step 4: Hold your mixing resin structure in place for about 5 to 10 minutes to make sure everything stays in place. This resin is touch dry after about 15 minutes.

Health & Safety

Our resins are 100% synthetic, they DO NOT contain animal parts or any organic content.
No testing is done on animals whatsoever. Our resins are Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Although our resins are formulated with the most modern and safest chemicals available, all epoxies are chemicals and should be managed and handled with proactive safety hygiene and responsible care.

  • Always wear nitrile gloves (or use a specialist resin barrier cream)
  • Wear a respirator when sanding cured resin
  • It is advisable to work in a well ventilated room
  • We advise the use of safety goggles
  • Avoid skin contact (if resin gets on skin wash with plenty of soap & water)
  • DO NOT eat, drink or smoke while working
  • In case of eye contamination wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes and consult medical advice immediately

Rapido SDS PDF

Rapido TDS PDF


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Rapido Instant Setting Art Resin 500g

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