3 beautiful blue resi-TINT acrylic art pigments which work perfectly with our clear art resins. You will only require a very small amount, approx. 1 part pigment per 1000 parts resin to transform your resin art with vibrant colour.


The tints have a much improved resistance to fading than conventional dyes and colouring agents, they are water resistant too. The 3 colours have either a 3 star rating for permanence. Such a high degree of colour fastness over such a range of fully inter-mixable colours makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of paintings/sculptures for permanent display.

resi-TINT can be diluted to achieve subtle tones, very similar to watercolour paints. These washes will dry to a water resistant film on virtually all surfaces,  subsequent layers of colour can then be overlaid to create beautiful effects .

resi-TINT pigments work very well through airbrushes and technical pens.

  • Acrylic ink formulation
  • Permanence - all colours are 3*
  • Water resistant
  • Concentrated formula 
  • Supplied in 600ml bottles


How to use

The pigments used in the resi-TINT range are ground to a very small particle size (smaller than a grain of soot) so will pass through technical pens to a size of 0.18mm and can be used through fine line nozzles when airbrushing. They can also be used with brushes, dipper pens or simply by adding drops of pure colour using the integrated dropper.




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resi-TINT Acrylic Resin Art Pigment 600ml

  • Brand: Eli-Chem
  • Product Code: RTINT600 - 3 colours
  • Availability: 300
  • £225.10 Including VAT

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