Aqua Cast® TEXTURE eco resin is an eco-friendly, water activated cementitious casting/moulding material. It is polymer fortified to provide excellent cured strength and durability.


The product offers the options of a smooth or textured surface finish.

Aqua Cast® TEXTURE is designed for pouring into silicone moulds. It is 100% compatible with the standard Aqua Cast® product, the two grades can be used in combination. Simply add to water, mix and pour. Pigments should be added at the mixing stage (enquire with Eli-Chem directly for the recommended pigments).

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for coasters, ornamental vases, planters, candle holders, soap dishes and detailed figurines
  • Ideal for ceramics & textured art pieces
  • Can be used to create terrazzo pieces
  • Excellent reproduction of detail
  • High surface hardness and strength
  • Smooth, impact resistant surface
  • Fire protection class 1 (surface spread of flame)
  • High degree of weather resistance for external applications

Customer review of Aqua Cast® TEXTURE water activated casting compound


  Drying time 

  Demould in 2-3 hours / 24 hours before sanding / Maximum cured strength 24-48 hours

  Mix ratio   100 : 20 (5:1 by weight only) e.g. 100g of powder to 20g of water 
  Pot Life   10-15 minutes @ 23°C
  Shelf life   Indefinite when kept dry in storage


Adding colour

Use Eli-Chem dry powder pigments. Any solid can be added (sand, mica, quartzite, dried shards of Aqua Cast® etc) but only in small amounts. Excess solids addition weakens the cured strength and can result in the article breaking when being demoulded.

Mixing the powder

The desired viscosity & consistency can be controlled to suit the application. Alterations to the guide powder to water ratio will affect the cured performance, particularly e.g. drying time and ultimate strength. Measure the desired amount of water, add the corresponding quantity of powder gradually during mixing. For example:

  • 100g powder to 20g/ml water
  • 150g powder to 30g/ml water
  • 500g powder to 100g/ml water
  • Mix Aqua Cast® TEXTURE by hand or with an electric mixing blade for 2-4 minutes until uniform and smooth. Add pigments at the mixing stage to obtain the desired colour shade. The mixed solution will rapidly become creamy and lump free. Tap mixing vessel to assist air release, pour and allow to settle.


    Immediately pour into your mould and allow to settle, any residual bubbles can be popped by agitating or tapping the mould. Allow to harden for 2-3 hours before demoulding. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours to reach optimum cured strength. To obtain a rough/textured finish you can simply sand the surface with a coarse grade sandpaper or abrasive pad (40, 80, 100 or 120 grit) after 24hours. Wet sanding is particularly effective.

    Aqua Cast® TEXTURE Technical Data Sheet PDF

    Aqua Cast® TEXTURE Safety Data Sheet PDF

    Images of plum & stone pots and coasters courtesy of Seraphim Designs


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    Aqua Cast® TEXTURE Water Activated Casting Compound

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